Guest Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is allows the user to have calls sent to other extensions, voice mail, or other locations. The basic premise of call forwarding and a list of the forwarding features are as follows.

To perform a call forward:

1. Lift the Handset, press the SP-PHONE button, or press the INTERCOM button.

2. Press the FWD/DND button.

3. Dial the Call Forward Code 1 thru 7.

4. Dial the destination for forwarding.

Each code represents a specific action for call forwarding.

1- DND (do not disturb) the is requires no forwarding destination

2+ Ext. No.- ALL CALLS. This forward all calls immediately to the destination, the forwarded phone does not ring.

3+ Ext. No.-BUSY. This forwards only BUSY extension calls.

4+ Ext. No.- NO ANSWER. This forwards only calls not answered to a destination.

5+ Ext. No.-BUSY/NO ANSWER. This forwards either calls not answered, or the extension is busy.

6+9+telephone number + the # key. This forwards all calls to an outside line, and to another telephone number. (i.e. cell phone, home phone, etc.)

7+your Ext. No. This is call forward-follow-me. This is performed at another extension, and allows your call to be received at another telephone.

8+your Ext. No. This cancels call forward-follow-me.

0-Cancels call forward conditions 1-6.

Note: Once Call Forwarding is programmed on a telephone it may be turned off and on simply by pressing the FWD/DND button. The button will light up or extinguish, depending upon forwarding. You must reprogram a call forwarding condition as described above if you wish to change the type of call forwarding you are using.