Voice Mail (cont’d.)

Special Features

Remote Notification:

Remote notification allows you to receive notice that you have voice mail messages other than at your desk. The voice processing system alerts you of these messages by calls a programmed number where you can be reached to receive the message. You may program up to three devices, schedule them and turn them on or off.

To Setup Remote Notification:

1. From your phone, press INTERCOM, and dial 165. [1065 on KX-TD500]

2. You should be prompted for a password, if you entered one, as suggested above.

3. Immediately dial 6 for other features.

4. Press 2 to setup message waiting notification.

5. Press3 to assign or edit telephone or beeper numbers

a. Press 1 for device No. 1.

b. Press 2 for device No. 2.

c. Press 3 for device No. 3.

6. Follow the prompts for recording.

7. As you record the numbers, listen carefully to the prompts. The prompts will guide you specifically as to how to insert pauses and additional numbers. The number should be programmed in the following basic format; 9, pause, and the number. The 9 provides access to an outside line, the pause provides a one second delay for the C.O. line to respond. Additional pauses my be inserted if the device is a beeper and you wish to have a number or code displayed on the beeper.

8. When finished recording the telephone/beeper numbers, press the * key to back up one menu level.

9. Press 2 to change the device status.

10. Assign the previously recorded numbers:

a. Press 1 for scheduled use

b. Press 2 for continuous use

c. Press 3 to use not at all (turn off)

Note: The scheduled use selection must be programmed via computer terminal into the voice processing system. The system administrator or the telephone technician must perform this function for providing scheduled times for the devices to work.