Conference Calling

A conference between three parties may be performed on the KX-TD system. The combination of conference candidates are: 2- outside calls, and 1 inside; 2-inside and 1 outside, or 3 inside.

To perform a conference call:

1. Dial your first party, whether an inside INTERCOM or outside (C.O.) call.
2. When the party answers, advise them of the proposed conference call, and press the CONF button to place them on HOLD.
3. The second party answers, advise them of the proposed conference call, and press the CONF button to tie all parties together.
4. Begin your conversation.

Note: If you disconnect from the conference call, all parties will drop from the call.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is allows the user to have calls sent to other extensions, voice mail, or other locations. The basic premise of call forwarding and a list of the forwarding features are as follows.

To perform a call forward:

1. Lift the Handset, press the SP-PHONE button, or press the INTERCOM button.
2. Press the FWD/DND button.
3. Dial the Call Forward Code 1 thru 7.
4. Dial the destination for forwarding.

Each code represents a specific action for call forwarding;

1- DND (do not disturb) the is requires no forwarding destination
2+ Ext. No.- ALL CALLS. This forward all calls immediately to the destination, the forwarded phone does not ring.
3+ Ext. No.-BUSY. This forwards only BUSY extension calls.
4+ Ext. No.- NO ANSWER. This forwards only calls not answered to a destination.
5+ Ext. No.-BUSY/NO ANSWER. This forwards either calls not answered, or the extension is busy.
6+9+telephone number + the # key. This forwards all calls to an outside line, and to another telephone number. (i.e. cell phone, home phone, etc.)
7+your Ext. No. This is call forward-follow-me. This is performed at another extension, and allows your call to be received at another telephone.
8+your Ext. No. This cancels call forward-follow-me.
0-Cancels call forward conditions 1-6.

Call Forwarding (cont’d.)

Note: Once Call Forwarding is programmed on a telephone it may be turned off and on simply by pressing the FWD/DND button. The button will light up or extinguish, depending upon forwarding. You must reprogram a call forwarding condition as described above if you wish to change the type of call forwarding you are using.