Changing your Greetings

To record owners name, and greetings:

1. From your phone, press INTERCOM, and dial 165. [1065 on KX-TD500]
2. You should be prompted for a password, if you entered one, as suggested above.
3. Immediately dial 5 for mailbox management.
4. Press 1 for personal greetings

5. Change ALL greetings as follows:

a. Press 1 for no answer greeting.
b. Press 2 for busy signaling greeting.
c. Press 3 for after hours greeting.

6. Follow the prompts for recording.
7. When finished recording the personal greetings, press the * key to back up one menu level.
8. Press 3 for owners name.
9. Record owner’s name as prompted.

Note: Pressing the * key backs up one menu level in the system. Pressing the * key repeatedly will back you completely out of the system.