User Programming (cont’d.)

Personal Speed Dialing

To Program a One-Touch Personal Speed Dial Button:

1. Press the PROGRAM key.
2. Press the blank button you wish to program.
3. Press 2 for One-Touch dialing.
4. Enter the number in the following format:

a. Dial 9.
b. Press the PAUSE key.
c. Enter the telephone number.

5. Press the AUTO DIAL/STORE key to write the value into memory.
6. Repeat these steps as required to program each button desired.

To Program a Personal Speed Dial without a button:

1. From your telephone, press INTERCOM, and dial *30.
2. Dial the station speed memory location you wish to store the number in 00-09.
3. Dial the telephone number.
4. Press the # key, a single beep confirmation tone should be heard.
5. Repeat the above steps for each station speed dial number.

To Dial a Personal Station Speed Dial:

1. Lift the Handset, press the SP-PHONE button, or press the INTERCOM button.
2. Press the AUTODIAL key or **, then *, and the station speed dial memory location 00-09.
3. The number will dial.

Note: Please consult the PANASONIC KX-TDA USER MANUAL CD provided with your Panasonic KX-TDA telephone system for more details.